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DDT – Digital Driven Testing

Exploratory Testing, Continuous Integration and UI Automation in a Digital studio It started when I took on a role with a predominantly .Net digital studio in Brisbane in late 2011. They had not had a testing team before and it seemed I was the first Full time tester employed, there had however been a part timer working there who later joined us as full time. They had some idea where they wanted to be in terms of a testing strategy and were looking at hiring a team to help with plan implementation and provide the execution. A Few weeks into it and a ton of manual testing later we got a third member to the team who was a string manual tester which would help the cause, while we were trying to work on building an internal strategy it seemed all the testing resource was being consumed by the work load, it carried on this way until pretty much the end of the year. Early into the new year and overwhelmed by the amount of manual testing (more often than not it was actua

Installing Testlink (Test Management Tool) on Ubuntu 12.04 (AWS EC2) with URL Rewrite

After finding scattered offerings when it came to installing Testlink on Ubuntu i decided to document the process. Heres the rundown: Create a new micro instance (ubuntu 12.04) using the ‘select existing’ key pair, if you don’t have an existing create a new one and name it something memorable and download it to a folder that’s easy to get too. Create a security group and set the inbound ports to be the following: Go to your instance page and right click on the instance just created and choose “Connect” Select “Connect with a standalone SSH Client” copy the example in the popup window. Eg ·         ssh -i scottyg_au.pem  ubuntu@ Open up terminal (Mac) or Cygwin (PC) Cd to the folder with the .pem file You need to modify the permissions on the .pem file, do this by running ·         chmod 400 ‘xx.pem’. Eg chmod 400 scottyg_au.pem Paste in the ‘ssh’ command into your terminal ssh -i scottyg_au.pem  u