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Installing Testlink (Test Management Tool) on Ubuntu 12.04 (AWS EC2) with URL Rewrite

After finding scattered offerings when it came to installing Testlink on Ubuntu i decided to document the process. Heres the rundown: Create a new micro instance (ubuntu 12.04) using the ‘select existing’ key pair, if you don’t have an existing create a new one and name it something memorable and download it to a folder that’s easy to get too. Create a security group and set the inbound ports to be the following: Go to your instance page and right click on the instance just created and choose “Connect” Select “Connect with a standalone SSH Client” copy the example in the popup window. Eg ·         ssh -i scottyg_au.pem  ubuntu@ Open up terminal (Mac) or Cygwin (PC) Cd to the folder with the .pem file You need to modify the permissions on the .pem file, do this by running ·         chmod 400 ‘xx.pem’. Eg chmod 400 scottyg_au.pem Paste in the ‘ssh’ command into your terminal ssh -i scottyg_au.pem  u