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Lets Test 2014 - Sydney, Australia

The day of the conference had arrived. Dan and myself flew down the Monday morning on a flight from Brisbane, we arrived in Sydney on a somewhat ‘crisp’ morning and met up with Dean at the luggage carousels. All three of us made a bee line for the hire car (that Dan had organised, thanks Dan!) and made for our escape from airport and up to the Fairmont resort in the Blue Mountains.  Two hours later we finally made it after some unexpected detours on the way, lets just say I won’t get a job as a navigator anytime soon. We headed in to the resort a made a hasty check in, the rooms weren’t ready so we headed down to the conference where we found the the opening workshops were about to take place as we had arrived too late for the keynote by James Bach. I decided to attend the Oliver Erlewein workshop on “ Hacking Performance ” given this was more in line with my current role. The first couple of hours were spent setting up Jmeter then we broke for lunch, which was buffe